Metrological Room

The environment, air-conditioned, is an indisputable cornerstone of the Zero Point whose realization has required considerable economic resources, however, modern measuring instruments can ensure with certainty the conformity of the product:

3D measuring machine Measuring range mm 750x650x500 dimensional measurements with accuracy up to 0.0001 mm concentricity, ovality, flatness, tapering, position of machining between two or more faces with the possibility of having the dimensional certificates paper / USB / CD.
In 2010 it was enriched with the "TP 200" sensor that makes it even more sensitive especially on small diameters and deep holes.

Profile projector for magnification and measurement using a display with an accuracy of 0.001 mm:

  • Chamfers and spokes
  • Threads
  • Gorges
  • Corners
  • Burrs and flaws in general

Bi-dimensional altimeter on air bearings with precision 0.0001 mm positioned on a granite plane "borletti" 1000 x 630 mm for the measurement of:

  • Throat Diameters/Depths
  • Depths and diameters in general