Punto Zero

Founded in 2009 by Gorini and Lunardi, both of whom grew up in the precision mechanics sector and with a great passion for machining on machine tools, the company has seen its turnover grow steadily from 230,000 euro in the first year to
result of 830,000 euros produced in 2019.

After the first years of apprenticeship and sacrifices in the entrepreneurial world, the company has gradually evolved both in terms of grafts (production department and metrology room) and in its ability to produce increasingly complex parts.
They are addressed to us companies that have to realize prototypes, small series (from 1 unit to 100) but also medium series (lots from 100 to 3000 pieces).
We are very competitive when the parts to be made presented certain peculiarities of materials and/or difficulties.

The relationship with the customer often begins with the prototyping and usually in this period an important professional and human bond is built so that over time the customers themselves rely on us even for the production of small and medium series (another business of the company).
We decided not to miss these opportunities by focusing on high and constant quality in repeated deliveries and compliance with the dates agreed with the buyer.