In these first ten years of activity, in addition to updating and deepening the skills on mechanical processing, the company has acquired many experiences on the delivery of finished projects.

Assembly: Due to the request of some customers, it was decided to dedicate a part of the factory to assembly. Together with the particular finished products (including everything related to protection treatments), the sales department takes care of finding the necessary commercial parts and equipment. We have experience both on series assembly (usually we talk about machinery parts) and prototype equipment with the advantage that if there is a need to modify parts there are the machinery at hand.
In order to achieve this result we usually collaborate with companies that carry out the following list of processes:

Carpentry: Laser cutting, bending, welding of common steels, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and special alloys, braze welding.
Processing:EDM (wire and plunge) , deep drilling, grinding, waterjet, 3D printing (both plastics and metal alloys), carbon machining, sandblasting, toothing.
Metrology: Buffer certifications, penetrating liquids, ultrasounds, destructive and non-destructive tests, hardness tests.
Hardening heat treatments : hardening (furnace, induction, laser), cementation (classic or a
low pressure), nitriding (gaseous and ionic), annealing, tempering, reclamation, solubilization.
Surface protection treatments : Galvanizing, anodizing (classic or hard), burnishing,
nickel plating, phosphating, chromating, cadmium plating, passivation, alodine, painting, polishing.