Due to its geographical proximity to the technological pole S.Anna, the University of Pisa and its start-ups but also to the industries that study new products, prototyping is one of the businesses of Punto Zero. We can simply make the parts to design or follow and deliver a complete assembled project on a turnkey basis, thanks to an area dedicated to assembly. In this case we have reliable partners as far as carpentry, heat treatments that have to undergo the various parts and all the workings that we are not able to do inside.

Small series

(lots ranging from a few units up to 100 pieces): Another good slice of turnover is made up of this type of production where we are very competitive on the market. The large quantity and variety of tools available and the multiple clamping systems make the workshop versatile and full of solutions in equipping the machines.
Moreover, the habit of continuously placing lathes and cutters has made our operators skilled and fast.

Medium series

(lots ranging from 100 to 3000 pieces): Over the years some customers have honored us by entrusting us with important productions. We currently produce consistent batches on a regular basis. In these cases ad hoc clamping equipment and targeted tools are studied in order to reduce production times as much as possible.